All of a sudden I had a terrible rash. I went to the dermatologist who told me I had “utecaria” and I had to skip food with the colour yellow. I was told that there was nothing I could do about it just wait and take antihistamine for as long as necessary. But with the amount of antihistamine it is forbidden to drive a car. Unacceptable for me. So I went to see Bea and together we discovered from what I got the allergy,  and what a relief !. No more medicines and I know now so much more about food and what it can do for me and my family. We all have so much benefit and we really do feel much better. Thank you Bea

Mar (38 years old)
How did the program meet your expectation? Yes, definately the program Bea that you made up for me did meet my expectations as I did loose weight, I learnt more about my food habits and how to improve them and also easy and quick recipes to prepare.
what  did you learn ? I learnt especially about food combinations that suits more my metabolism, about which food suits me best taking to account the GI and how to maintain a high immune system and stay in good health.
Would you recommend me to other people? Of course, the program is very complete, Bea is a great teacher, supportive and gives you the latest nutrition information. Also what I appreciated was that she was of easy reach at any time and helped me with my queries. 

Filippa (32 years old)
As I businessman traveling a lot from one time zone to another I established very poor eating habits. As a consequence I gained weight and I often woke up in the night by my own heavy snoring and heart burn. Realizing that I needed some professional help I asked Beatrice for advice and support.
Thanks to her personalized program I have now learnt what to eat to feel much better not only when traveling and eating out but also at home. Now, I don’t get the strong cravings I used to get before and I got rid of my snoring (to the delight of my wife!) and the heart burn. On top of this my weight went down 20% and I now have the same weight as when was in the military service.

Bob R. Bard
Through Beas Healthy Food program I have discovered that what I eat effects my whole well-being! First of all I got rid of all my stomach problems, such as digesting problems and stomach pain after a heavy meal. Second I felt more satisfied after eating and cravings for “not healthy food” and sugar has almost gone away. And guess what! I have got rid of my coffee-dependency (I used to drink 5 coops of coffee per day, and now I don’t want any) I am sure that I will continue to practise what I have learned through the program in my on-going goal on changing my life-style! I would like to recommend anybody who are interested in feeling better overall, to do the program because it is build up of a knowledge base that unfortunately don’t get through to us so easily due to the food industry of today!

Nina Jansson (33 years old)